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Discover Your Ultimate Cycling Coach!

Welcome to Giovanni's Cycling Coaching, the ultimate destination where passion and expertise unite to help cyclists of all skill levels attain their personal goals. Whether you're a casual rider looking to enhance your skills, an ambitious racer eyeing the podium, or a cycling enthusiast seeking improvement, our tailored coaching services are designed to guide you towards your objectives.

With extensive experience mentoring athletes across the spectrum, from leisurely riders to high-caliber racers, I bring unparalleled knowledge and proficiency to my coaching. Offering a variety of services such as one-on-one coaching sessions, customized training programs, and group rides, I am dedicated to refining your technique, boosting your stamina, and helping you achieve your personal best. Embark on the path to success with me as your guide, and let's work together to conquer your cycling aspirations. Schedule a consultation today and begin your journey to a heightened cycling experience.



Experience and Passion Fueling Your Success

I'm Giovanni, an ardent and seasoned cycling coach committed to empowering cyclists through my wealth of experience and undeniable passion. Having worked with a diverse range of athletes, from casual cyclists to competitive racers, I offer unparalleled insight and expertise to elevate your cycling performance.

As a distinguished ultracyclist, I have numerous accomplishments under my belt, such as winning the 2021 Race Across America 2-Man Team, completing the 2022 Race Across the West, and securing a 3rd place overall and 1st place in my age category in the 2021 National 24 Hour Challenge. Moreover, I emerged victorious in the Hoodoo 500 and achieved 1st place in my age category and 3rd place overall in the Race Across Oregon. As a coach, I have a proven track record of success, having guided clients like Brentt Ramharter, the 2021 National Series 24-hour Solo MTB Champion, and Les Crooks, the 2022 Race Across America Solo Finisher, to remarkable achievements.

I pride myself on delivering personalized coaching tailored to each client's unique goals. By offering a diverse range of services, including individual coaching sessions, bespoke training plans, and group rides, I strive to refine your technique, enhance your stamina, and propel you towards your personal best. Whether your aspirations involve completing a century ride, preparing for a significant race, or simply relishing the sport at a leisurely pace, I am here to support your journey to success.

With my unwavering dedication, vast knowledge, and proven experience, I am the perfect ally in helping you achieve your cycling dreams. If you're prepared to elevate your cycling performance, schedule a consultation with me today.


"The bicycle: from here to infinity just another pedal stroke!"

Giovanni Prosperi


+1 216-702-6611

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