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Elevate Your Performance


As a devoted cycling coach, my mission is to deliver top-notch services that enable my clients to achieve their objectives. I offer fully customized training programs designed to address each individual's unique needs and ambitions. These plans are crafted based on power and heart rate monitor data to guarantee the most effective and efficient training experience.

Recognizing the significance of continuous support and guidance, I provide unlimited check-ins for my clients. This ensures that you can contact me whenever you have inquiries or need assistance, and I'll be available to help. Moreover, all clients receive a subscription to Training Peaks, a powerful training platform that offers in-depth analysis of your performance and progress.

I've designed my pricing options to cater to diverse client requirements. I offer a monthly plan for $200, a 3-month plan for $550, a 6-month plan for $1000, and a yearly plan for $1900. These flexible options allow you to select the commitment level that suits you while still benefiting from the highest standard of personalized coaching and support.

I firmly believe that my services and pricing options stand out in the industry, and I am dedicated to helping my clients attain their goals. Whether your aspirations involve completing your first century ride, gearing up for a significant race, or simply indulging in the sport at a relaxed pace, I am here to champion your success. Don't hesitate—sign up today and embark on your journey to accomplishment with Giovanni's Cycling Coaching!



Introducing LIVE COACHING SESSIONS – a cutting-edge and interactive coaching experience that offers clients real-time feedback and guidance throughout their workouts. This service is accessible both on the road and online, granting you the flexibility to opt for the training environment that best suits your preferences. Whether you favor in-person or virtual training, rest assured that personalized coaching and support will accompany you every step of the way.

During your live workout session, you'll receive instant feedback on your technique, advice on improvement, and encouragement to help you attain your objectives. This service is tailored to aid you in enhancing your endurance, speed, or overall performance, ultimately unlocking your full potential.

Pricing for this service is uncomplicated and transparent. The first hour of a "Live Workout Session" is priced at $30, while any additional hours cost $20 each. This pricing structure enables you to select the level of support and coaching that aligns with your needs, all while enjoying the utmost personalized care.

If you're prepared to elevate your training experience, sign up for a "Live Workout Session" with Giovanni's Cycling Coaching today. With real-time feedback and guidance, whether on the road or online, you'll be well-equipped to conquer your cycling ambitions.


Expand Your Knowledge and Skills

In addition to personalized coaching and live workout sessions, I'm excited to offer bicycle mechanic repair lessons as part of my services. These lessons are designed for those who wish to gain hands-on knowledge and skills in bicycle maintenance and repair. Whether you're a cycling enthusiast or a professional rider, learning to maintain and repair your own bike is an invaluable skill that will save you time and money in the long run.

During these lessons, you'll gain practical experience and expertise in various aspects of bicycle repair, including diagnostics, troubleshooting, and proper maintenance techniques. You'll learn how to tackle common issues, such as fixing a flat tire, adjusting brakes and gears, and performing routine maintenance checks to keep your bike in optimal condition.

Priced at $40 per hour, these bicycle mechanic repair lessons offer an affordable and convenient way to acquire essential bike maintenance skills. With personalized instruction tailored to your needs and experience level, you'll quickly become adept at addressing a wide range of bicycle-related issues.

Invest in your cycling journey by signing up for bicycle mechanic repair lessons with Giovanni's Cycling Coaching today. Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to maintain and repair your bike, ensuring peak performance and longevity for years to come.

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