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A Testament to Dedication and Achievement

I am Giovanni Prosperi, a committed cycling coach and accomplished ultracyclist hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. My zeal for pushing boundaries and realizing remarkable feats within the realm of ultracycling has solidified my status as a frontrunner in the sport.

My victories span an array of prominent races, such as the esteemed 2021 Race Across America in the 2-man team relay category, the Hoodoo 500, and the Race Across Oregon, where I secured 1st place in my age category and 3rd overall. Furthermore, I have excelled in the National 24 Hour Challenge, claiming 3rd place overall and 1st place in my age category. In addition, I have participated in and completed numerous other prestigious races, including the Race Across Italy, Romagna Ultra Race 300, Silver State 508, and many more.

As a coach, I adopt a tailored approach to help my clients reach their objectives. By offering various services, such as one-on-one coaching sessions, customized training plans, and group rides, I strive to enhance technique, boost stamina, and facilitate the pursuit of personal records. My unwavering dedication, extensive knowledge, and rich experience equip me to guide cyclists across all skill levels in achieving their aspirations.

I take pride in my coaching accomplishments, which include guiding Brentt Ramharter to become the 2021 National Series 24-hour Solo MTB Champion and mentoring Les Crooks to become a 2022 Race Across America Solo Finisher. These achievements showcase my coaching prowess and devotion to propelling my clients to their peak potential.

Fueled by a passion for cycling and a commitment to nurturing success, I am an invaluable resource within the cycling community. Whether your goals involve refining your technique, gearing up for a significant race, or simply reveling in the sport at a relaxed pace, I am here to champion your success.


Rooted in Passion and the Pursuit of Excellence

My venture into cycling coaching began in 2019, as I utilized my elite sports background to elevate my clients' performance. Engaged in sports from a young age, my competitive spirit propelled me towards pursuing coaching as a profession. With a lifelong affinity for sports and an unwavering drive for success, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to empowering cyclists at all levels to realize their maximum potential.

Working with a diverse clientele, from casual riders to competitive racers and everyone in between, I bring a vast reservoir of knowledge and proficiency to my coaching. Drawing upon my comprehensive experience in the world of sports, I support my clients in accomplishing their goals, taking pride in the impressive legacy of success I have cultivated.

If you seek a passionate coach committed to unlocking your full potential, your search ends here. I am ready to collaborate and help you excel, regardless of your objectives. Together, let's elevate your cycling experience to unprecedented heights.


My Athletic Achievements

First Place Race Across America 2-Man Team - 2021

Winner Hoodoo 500 - 2020

3rd Overall, 1st Age Category Race Across Oregon - 2020 

3rd Overall, 1st Age Category National 24Hr Challenge - 2021

Race Across the West - 2022
Race Across Italy 2019 - 2022
3rd Age Category Romagna Ultra Race 300 - 2019
Silver State 508 - 2019
First Place Silver State 508 4-Mixed Team Open - 2020
Mountain West Ultra Cup - 2020
7x Everestings (2017-2019)

Haute Route Pyrenees - 2019
Treasure Cove 1200k - 2022
WNY Waterfalls 1200k - 2022

Several Gran Fondo and Randonnées

Most important achievements as coach:

National Series 24hour Solo MTB Champion (2021) - Brentt Ramharter
Race Across America Solo Finisher (2022) - Les Crooks

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